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You can play in SoraStream from your PC, Android phone or Android TV. You will also need at least 20MB of disk space to install the client.

Yes, all controllers are compatible with Sora Stream.

In Sora Stream you can play the game modes that are available in the games themselves. For example, if a game has the multiplayer option, in Sora Stream will also be available.
Which devices do i need top lay top play?
You can play Sora Stream from your PC, Android mobile or Android TV. You will also need at least 20 MB of space to install the program.

To play Sora Stream you will need a connection of at least 10 Mbps per Ethernet (network cable), 3G or Wi-Fi, but for the best possible experience, we recommend that it be more than 20 Mbps over Ethernet, 3G or Wifi.

Currently you only need the Sora Stream application to play. Nothing else. You don’t have to download the games or additional applications.

We currently have a monthly payment plan, which includes access to the complete catalog to play unlimited 60 FPS Full HD for € 7.99 / month.

It is very easy to start playing with Sora Stream: register on the web, filling in all the required fields, download the Sora Stream app and you will be ready to play unlimitedly.