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Internet Connection

It is recommended the computer or laptop is wired connected rather than WiFi, since it enhances the network performance and bandwidth availability. However, any network connection (that is, Ethernet, WiFi, and 4G) is compatible with Sora Stream.

It is recommended to have at least 20 Mbps available, although the bandwidth consumed on average is lower, to enjoy the best possible experience (FullHD @60FPS). If there issues with bandwidth and suddenly is lower, the image quality/resolution will be automatically managed by Sora Stream to prioritize the playability.

Sorry, but Internet connection is mandatory for this service.

Normally this happens when using WiFi connection, especially when there are several WiFi connected devices. However, many routers filter some connections by default. To overcome this issue, we strongly suggest to do the following simple steps: access to the settings of your router, go to the menu to open ports (also known as “Port Triggering”) and enable the port number 25600. Then, wait for a short time to put the new setup in use (just a couple of minutes, depending on the router). If the issues carry on, check whether there is any security countermeasure (also known as “Intrusion Detection”) enabled. If so, we suggest you to disable it, since it slows down the connections. If you have any doubt regarding these modifications, contact with our tech staff creating a ticket in our Help chat.