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Sora Stream

Sora Stream is a cloud games application provided for web, tv and app mobile. This means that once you have registered you will enjoy our gaming experience playing what you want, wherever you want.

The only thing you need after signing up, is Sora Stream program. You can download it for FREE on . And that’s all, Sora Stream will take care about all the rest.

In order to play, you have to download and install our native app compatible either for windows or android, depending on your need. It is similar to a video player, but with additional features. You have to do it just once,  or whenever you wanna update it, and it’s for free. This will allow you to launch all the games you want whenever you want. Although the service is accessed through our website, the cloud gaming uses the native Sora Stream app.  

In case you want to play with your mobile, open Sora Stream and log in through your mobile browser and download the Android app. Once installed, it will always appear on your phone as a normal App. 


It is very easy to start playing with Sora Stream. Now that you’re in our web page, create your account, login, download, and install our app to enjoy the all-you-can-play service.

Don’t worry! Our tech assistance will be glad to help you. In all the pages of our website you will find our help chat on the bottom right corner of the screen. Write your ticket explaining your issue and our tech assistance will reply to you as soon as possible.